An explosion of colourful dots

A visit to Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Obliteration Room’ at the Tate Modern had always stayed with me. She uses lots of dots and lots of vibrant colour in her work, and something of them had stayed flying around in my mind ever since.

We had a clear space between two sets of shelving that seemed perfect for a mural, and I had a vision of the dots exploding out of one corner. Tom worked patiently with me to bring this vision to life, first testing out different sizes of dots, and then developing a colour palette with my input, stage by stage.  


The wall was repainted to freshen it up as a background, then he used a stencil and water colour pencils to mark out the pattern before adding colour with acrylic paint and self-levelling gel to get that flat graphic feel. It works amazingly well against the slight imperfections of the hand-painted circles.

To me, they are like a rush of ideas, that beautiful tingly feeling you get when things are just flowing. Hurrah for dots!